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“A smile on your face, for more that 30 years already.”




About us

“Grown from Summer Flower to indispensable Field Flower!” 

Unique, progressive and passionate.

This is the base from our company, Matricaria by W. Grootscholten. We make the impossible possible!

Over the past 30 years, we have invested a lot of time and attention in the further development of this unique flower. Because of this, Matricaria by W. Grootscholten has grown and developed from “summer flower” and “bouquet filler”, into a unique stand-alone field flower which is available in large numbers throughout the year.

A year round flower production of continuous numbers of Matricaria, ensures us to supply more than 55 countries around the world with this unique flower.

In whichever way the flower is applied, it gives a romantic, natural, free and above all a cheerful feeling. Matricaria is therefore strongly associated with Kamille, Happy Kamille!


Experience for more than 30 years

Fresh Flowers 365 days a year

Available in more that 55 countries

100% focus on Matricaria Kamille

Our product

“Focus for best results! “

This Matricaria flower has several variants. We focus us, for a lot of years already, on the Matricaria Kamille variety. This is traditionally a herbaceous plant that was used as a medicine for various physical complaints. Today, Chamomile is still used in many ways in many foods for physical well-being.

The plant can be found in many places in nature. This makes Chamomile one of the most famous flowers and the flower is therefore very quickly recognized in a flower creation.

In recent years, this natural and medicinal plant has developed into a cut flower. Thereafter we could use this flower as an ornamental flower for the most beautiful flower creations! Have you already encountered the Kamille in your bouquet?


“From million little seeds to endless inspiration!”
Fantastic flower creations are made with the millions of numbers Matricaria that we annually produce and distribute all over the world. A mono creation, a field bouquet combined with other flowers or table decoration in different vases.

You can make endless amazing flower combinations and creations. Are you curious about more inspiration or interesting flower facts? Then follow us on Social Media.

Mono boeket happy kamille

Mono bouquet

A mono bouquet is a bouquet consisting of one flowertype. Sometimes in combination with some extra green, but the main flower in this case is Matricaria. A simplistic, cheerful and rural scene.

Gecombineerd boeket happy kamille

Mixed Bouquet

The Matricaria mixes very well with many other fresh cut flowers. This creates endless possibilities to combine the Matricaria in a modern field bouquet or in a classic (hand) bouquet.

Tafeldecoratie happy kamille

Table decoration

Special occasions calls for special styling. With some different small vases, empty bottles and a number of beautiful loose flowers, you can easily make a stunning table decoration.

Tips & Tricks

“Together we know more!”

Do you regularly make flower creations for work or as a hobby? Then of course you want to stay completely up to date with the latest flower Tips & Tricks. Beautiful inspiration images, tips for making these beautiful creations and tricks for continuous personal development and learning from each other.

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What others say about us.

“A versatile and progressive company with focus on the right details.”

“I like to use Matricaria in my flower arrangements. From bridal arrangements to funeral arrangements. In many cases, it is precisely the Kamille flower that provides the nice and right feeling for a flower arrangement. It is therefore the most frequently mentioned flower after delivery my flower arrangements: ‘What a cheerful and cute little flower!’ “


Studio BIEM!

“We have been buying flowers from Grootscholten Matricaria for years. Why? The constant top quality and daily availability ensure that they are a reliable partner for us. In addition, we have a great cooperation and we always manage this together!”

OZ export

“I use Kamille a lot in my bouquets. It immediately gives a fresh and natural look. A bright flower that catches your eye. This makes my customers loves to choose this flower in their bouquet. It’s nice and usefull to learn a little more about the flower and our main nursery of this flower.”


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Matricaria by W. Grootscholten

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We deliver our product every auction day in large numbers to fixed points in the Netherlands. You can find us daily at the flower auction in Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk and Rijnsburg.

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